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KLM offers you a new service: receive your flight documentation via Messenger. After booking your flight on KLM.com you can choose to receive your booking confirmation, check-in notification, boarding pass and flight status updates via Messenger. This makes your travel information easy to find in a single place, available at the airport, en route or at home. Any questions? No problem. Ask away and contact us directly through Messenger, 24/7.

Start using KLM on Messenger

You get on board by the Messenger plugin on KLM.com during your booking or check-in flow.

KLM Messenger

The plugin is an opt-in functionality. If you wish to make use of the ‘KLM on Messenger’ service, the only thing you’ll have to do is check the box.

Want to receive travel info via messenger? Just check the box!

KLM doesn’t receive any personal data from Facebook

How does the plugin work?

KLM has built in a piece of code on KLM.com that makes it possible for Facebook to show the Messenger plugin to the relevant people on KLM’s website. KLM doesn’t receive any data from you, only Facebook is able to match whether you are using Messenger. The Messenger plugin on KLM.com leverages Facebook cookies and other similar technologies. You can learn more about Facebook cookies and other similar technologies here. Only passengers that have logged in on Facebook or Messenger on the same device in the past 90 days will see the Messenger plugin. If you have deleted your cookies or logged out of Facebook you won’t see the plugin either.

KLM doesn’t receive any personal data from Facebook

A personalized Messenger plugin

The Messenger plugin shows a picture and name of the Messenger profile, that will receive the flight documentation and flight status updates.

KLM Messenger

If this is not the right person, you can change this by clicking on ‘not you’ in the plugin and change the profile that the info should be sent to.

Wrong profile? Change it by clicking ‘not you’

Where do I find the plugin?

There isn't one Messenger plugin in the KLM booking process that makes you receive all messages, there are three! The plugins have been placed:

After booking a ticket at the passenger details page: this concerns receiving your booking confirmation and check in reminder.

KLM confirmation KLM check-in

After check in at the passenger details page: this is for receiving flight status updates via Messenger.

KLM delay

At the boarding pass print page: this is for receiving your boarding pass.

KLM boarding pass

By unchecking the opt-in box you will not receive the information.
Once unchecked it remains unchecked until you opt in again.

Available for you in many languages

We are available on Messenger to answer your questions 24/7 in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. We also answer in Italian during local office hours, 7 days a week.

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